Healer's Healer - I have assisted healers involved with Shiatsu, Thet, Ignite, AcuE, Psychology, Flower Ess,
Pran Healing, Shamans, Reiki, and Quant.  The fatigue issues and external energies were cleared from their system to allow them to continue their brillant work. I called upon the Divine and Angelic Energies to assist them. This energy is here to support healers and clients a like.  I can recommend those healing modalities to you as well as they have been very successful.  At various times of our life we may need healings from medical doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiros, phsyios, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, naturopaths, herbalists, energy healers and  the level I  and others work on - spiritual angelic healing......

Thanks for a fantastic day yesterday.
I had a great start of the week. I can feel a change in my energy, I felt my vibe has been
very positive today. I have to tell you more about that :)
Looking forward to an insightful Thursday evening. Your meet ups are quickly becoming my ritual ;)

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Tai Chi - light session

Hi Sha and Angie,  i just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful healing today.
The abundance of love and healing energy recieved today was definately heartfelt. I've recieved numerous reiki healings before and I just had to say today really blew me away. The energy was intense and really helped me alligned myself. it was exactly what i needed. I been having lower back pains in the past and during the healing I could feel my Lower back tremble as the healing was taking place. I feel alot more centered and balance now after the healing. I definately look
forward to the future healings to come. Thank you kindly.


Angelic Energy Wave

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Hi Sha,  thank you so much for the healing. The issues with my family have   gone away and I feel so much positive about everything.  The depression I was experiencing has been replaced with feelings of connecting with light and love.

Thank you so much. I can't really explain what happened in those sessions as I am not really spiritual. But, I cant deny the fact that some connection was made that is life transforming.