10 Minute energiser
Feet shoulder width.
Imagine they are connected to a silk stream.
Breath low to your abdomen.
Feet straigh ahead.
Imagine energy coming from the ground fill your body.Repeat each sequence 10 times in coordination with your breath.

  1.  Hands float up to shoulder height and down to body.
  2. Expand the ball. Open your hands to the side.
  3. Cross hands in front of your body, bring them up over your head, uncross and bring down
  4. Use one hand and imagine you are scooping water at a 45 degree angle to your body. Bring front, do opposite side.
  5. Bring both hands back to the side of your body and imagine you are holding a ball.Bring front, do opposite side.
  6.  Cloud hands - One hand up, one hand down. Move to opposite side of body.Thumb brushes back of hand as one hand drops up and the other hand raises.Repeat to opposite side
  7. Repulse the monkey - Imagine you are making a "C"" with the body. Then take the top had further back. Now, bring the back hand forward and the front hand to the opposite side
  8. Hands Over. Scoop up all the energy from the ground and bring it to the top of your head. Then your hands come down like they are dropping an egg on your head.
  9. Bring hands to the side and complete.
  10. Rub your kidneys with both hands.

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