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Healing and Life Coaching

Angelic Energy Wave - Experience the connection

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0410 199084 (Sha)  Diploma Hypnotherapy
​61(0)438 36 56 36 (Angie) Life Coach
Sessions available at 
Marsfield and other locations in Sydney

  1. Energy Healing
    Energy Healing
    The session normally takes 1 hour. The chi flow in the body is rebalanced and blockages are removed. Blockages occur from physical, environmental, mental or emotional trauma. This can then assist with healing of the body .
  2. Life Coaching
    Life Coaching
    Improve communication, relationships, dating, business, career, emotions, health. Fast track your success, learn strategies for life. Empower yourself to gain balance in your life and achieving your goals.
  3. Hypnotherapy
    Clinical Hypnotherapy can assist with Phobias, Addictions, Emotional Blockages and Issues. Overcome negative belief systems and discover your full potential




Tai Chi

Life Coaching

Energy Healing

Assistance for all aspects of your life

  1. Connect with nature
    Connect with nature
  2. 5 element healing , wood, metal, earth, water, fire
    5 element healing , wood, metal, earth, water, fire
  3. Reconnect with your Energy
    Reconnect with your Energy
  4. Feel the chi and rebalance
    Feel the chi and rebalance
  5. The morning sun refreshes the spirit
    The morning sun refreshes the spirit

Energy Healer

A unique combination

We specialise in long term issues like fatigue or health problems. I use a combination of energy healing. chi theory and intuition to assist with your problems.  A combination of more than 10 modalities in align with the 5 elements and 7 chakra system.
  • We have studied  and lived in many countries and can bring a customised service to you
  • We are concerned about your health on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level
  • We will go well beyond a set hour session to assist you
  • We have treated people with long term issues and use a very powerful healing combination to reach the level we need to.
  • Discounts for Pensioners/Students and concessions

Life Coach

  • Advanced services include
    • Third Eye Activation
    • Past Life Reconnections
    • Guide Drawings
    • Readings​
Achieve your goals and gain balance in your life. Angela can
assist and mentor you in formulating a way to improve your career, 
relationships and managing the day to day issues that come up.
Move to a life plan where you integrate work and play.