Services - Achieve your true vibration

Powerful healing and life coaching for all aspects of your life.
Sessions available at  Kaizen 72 William St, Paddington NSW

Chi Energy Massage

Angelic Energy Wave

Energy Wave transformation  $100 per session (60  mins)

Target Energy Healing  $250 per session

Energy waves are channeled and chi is balanced in your body. Blockages prevent chi flowing in certain areas which can lead to illness.  Unlike acupuncture where needles are put in specific points, the practitioner  use chi to target the blockage and remove it. 
Similar to a physical massage that releases tension in your body  this works also on your emotional, mental and energetic level.

The Angelic Energy Wave is the final part of the Seven Star Chakra Healing. It is a highly transformational session that allows you to find your true vibration.
  • Firstly, undergo a deep energy session
  • Secondly,  allow trauma or external energy to come to the surface. Intuitive reading will also be performed
  • Thirdly, Transform and remove this energy with Angelic Connections

Life Coaching

Seven Star Chakra Healing

Call Angie for life coaching $120 per hour

Powerful healing based on the chakra system  $150 per session

Improve all aspects of your life - career, relationships, balance, goal setting, confidence and motivation.
What is blocks you on an emotional, physical and mental level.
What do you really want out of life?
How do you find a path that is clear and focussed.
Let Angie support you with coaching and guidance in all aspects of your life.
Removal of negative energy, negative thoughts and negative pattens in the chakra energy system and replacing with positive energy.
Root Chakra —  feeling of being grounded.
 Sacral Chakra —ability to accept others and new experiences.
 Solar Plexus Chakra — Confidence and in control of our lives.
 Heart Chakra — Our ability to love.
 Throat Chakra — Our ability to communicate
Third Eye Chakra - Intuition
Crown Chakra - Spirituality